Deeper Truth

Deeper Truth

Many individuals have shared with me the powerful and resonating experiences they encountered while meditating under the light of the Full Moon at Hitchin Lavender.

One consistent thread ties these moments together. Participants repeatedly recount experiences during meditation where their lives come into focus, guiding them towards deeper truths.

I believe that the landscape at Hitchin Lavender actively and significantly contributes to each person's journey during the full moon workshop. And that a spirit of place can be a powerful ally during meditation outside in nature. 🌝

Only 27 days remain until the first full moon meditation workshop of 2024 at Hitchin Lavender. πŸ’œ

Before the inaugural Full Moon Meditation workshop at Hitchin Lavender in 2024, scheduled for March 25th, I'll share some of my favorite photos and memories from the past eight years of leading Full Moon Meditation Workshops in this beautiful and powerful landscape.

This photograph captures the Full Harvest 🌾🚜 Moon on September 24th, 2018.