The Profound Gifts You Hold.

The Profound Gifts You Hold.

I am blessed to work with incredible human beings who possess profound gifts in my 1:1 client consultation work. My aim has always been to empower you to explore the landscape of your story and develop a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose.

Each hour-long session is customized to address your individual needs and goals, ensuring a transformative and meaningful experience.

I plan to open up my waiting list again later in March if you’re interested in deepening your connection to your life’s true purpose.

“I personally cannot thank John enough for his work with me and for his patience and attentiveness in answering any concerns or queries, without judgement or criticism.

If you need to climb back out of the ditch and back on your true path then I suggest John is the man to help you. I am attending his Theatre of Manifestations course on 13th/14th October this year and am excited to see how this will challenge me further. From being stuck at the crossroads, clueless as to which way to turn, I now have a world of possibilities - all of them good!”

Linda Pottinger