The space between who you are and who you will become...

The space between who you are and who you will become...

I hope you are well and finding new paths that offer growth and wonder.

I have some exciting news to share. There are two new retreats that I will be facilitating. One is a collaboration with the British Association of Drama Therapists, open to all. The other is a Transformation Retreat that I will be co-facilitating with my friend and colleague Abigail Nelson.

Booking for both retreats closes soon. If you’d like to join me, please find details below on how to reserve your place.

Ritual Art Weekend

Art is magic. Art is utterly vital. Art has the power to heal deep wounds, to aid us in the darkest moments. The Ritual Art workshop will be an experiential workshop that explores both the rewards and sacrifices of this form of artistic and spiritual practice.

Life is exploration. We enter the world to find our truth, the reasons for why we have manifested and what we might accomplish in the days, months, and years of our lives.

Through exercises and collaboration, participants will engage in an exciting, fun, and challenging day of creative and ritual activity that will enliven the narrative for the story of existence.

Over the last thirty-five years of work, John Harrigan's practice has focused on the sacred and divine, engaging in the exploration of landscapes of wonder through his work as a writer, filmmaker, artist, magician, and ritualist. This weekend workshop will offer participants a deep dive into the development of John's work and the commencement of a new stage in his life as an artist and magician.

Transformation Retreat 2024

Within the rich landscape of Milngavie, the starting point of the famous West Highland Way, you will have the opportunity to find your own starting point for transformation. By immersing yourself in nature, in your story, in your creativity, and in your innate connection to nature, you will be guided through a mix of group and individual creative activities, both indoor and in nature, using practices and principles of Dramatherapy, Ritual Theatre, and Environmental Arts Therapy.

Each month, nature has unique and important lessons to teach us. This creative nature retreat will give you the tools to open your mind, body, and soul to these lessons. May, the Celtic month of Beltane (or Bealtaine), celebrates and welcomes in the start of summer. It is a time when we stand at the mouth ('béal') of the fire ('tine'), and know there is nothing to be done but step in. Are you ready to step into your inner flame and be transformed?

To guide you on your journey will be Abigail Nelson, dramatherapist and creative wellness facilitator, and John Harrigan, ritual artist, director, and facilitator.

I am currently operating a waiting list for my 1:1 sessions. Over the last few months, I have been blessed to see a surge in interest in this aspect of my practice.

If you’re interested in working with me, then please drop me a line by replying to this email, and I’ll add you to the list. As soon as space becomes available, I will contact you.

Look after yourselves; you are exceedingly valuable, and you and your gifts are needed in the world.


Ora et labora