It's Enough

It's Enough

These past few weeks have unfolded as a compelling blend of inspiring and challenging chapters in my journey. Upon reflection of the initial seven months of 2023, the path has been both rewarding and, at times, incredibly tough - a reality that I imagine you, too, have navigated.

One significant obstacle that I've wrestled with is striking a balance between family life and personal progression. With a young family and no extended relatives to lend a hand in childcare, I often find myself teetering between my lofty aspirations and the grounded reality of what those look like in action.

A particularly transformative tool that has grown stronger over the last nine months, ever since my return from the Wilderness Vigil, is my connection to the spirit realm. This connection to my ancestors and allies, who are eager to help and deeply invested in my journey, has become a beacon of support.

The message they whisper to me now is the importance of focusing on simple, small actions. When these actions are performed consistently, they create substantial ripples. In our quest for deep-seated transformation, we often overlook the fact that we live in a society obsessed with instant gratification. However, in my experience, true progress requires dedication and commitment. Fidelity to small changes like exercising for twenty to thirty minutes, five days a week, this can be more attainable and fruitful than one to two hours, three times a week.

This commitment to patience and incremental changes is where profound results are cultivated over time. Instead of striving for overnight change, we should afford ourselves the grace to transform life's challenges, slowly and steadily, through a patient and multifaceted approach. Meditation, ceremony, ritual and creativity are all important aspects of my practice. There's a myriad of tools at our disposal that can empower us as we journey forward.

Perhaps the most crucial thing to bear in mind is that we exist in the present moment. While it's essential to push ourselves towards a richer, more authentic existence, we mustn't lose sight of the joy of simply being alive in this very moment. The pleasure in simple things - feeling the earth beneath your bare feet, savoring a glass of cold water, losing oneself in a good book, sharing a kiss, or taking a deep, calming breath.

It's an impossible task to achieve all our wishes and witness all the world's wonders  - and that's perfectly fine.

It's enough to be present and truly witness today.

I'm thrilled to share the exciting workshops I'll be facilitating over the coming months as part of my practice. Our Saturday Morning Meditation Classes are a serene way to start your weekend, providing a calm space for self-reflection and growth in the stunning landscape at Hitchin Lavender. Only five dates remain.

Don't miss our Full Moon Meditation and Storytelling Workshop on the 1st and 30th of August for the Full Blue Moon—an immersive experience aligning ourselves with the moon's energy and where I will be sharing a few very old and powerful stories.

On the 30th of September and the 1st of October, join us for the Sacred Magic Weekend Workshop, a profound journey into spiritual discovery and Sacred Magic.

"When I was training to become a Dramatherapist and as a result becoming whatever it is that is still weaving in the world, I experienced myth, ritual and role from the place of being in the moment, as well as a trainee part watching too, making notes. To be fully immersed in ritial however, is a thing of such reverance, that's its almost beyond words. I had known of the work of John Harrigan through people I knew and I saw with delight his bringing together of ritual and theatre, which which was way before my training even began. I kept it in mind to train with him at some point. A few weeks ago, me and others gathered and were led through the most profound witnessing and ritual work I have ever experienced, and I was brought up a Catholic! The power of being witnessed, in my absolute pain of aloneness and being fully validated was unbelievable. Imagine you're a therapist and you are without family and close relationships, how difficult it could be to admit the aloneness, because sometimes as a therapist you are expected to be able to do something about it. Not only could I share exactly where I was in the world but this became part of a personal ritual where my story was held by John and the group. It felt like years of talking therapy happened in a weekend, but in this distanced, safe way through which I was able to express years of suffering. I am profoundly moved by my experience and so thankful to have met my group and to have worked with an incredible teacher, who is fully human and understands the systems and constructs that can prevent our healing. I also want to mention his name and work because I believe we should big up the people who help us and it was due to people talking about him years ago that I was able to find his work. You may want to join his meditation in a lavender field, (which is incredible!), or join his workshop or contact him about running workshops." Susan Jackson - Dramatherapist and Counsellor on her experience of attending the last Sacred Magic Weekend Workshop.

Finally, the 'Your Sacred Story Retreat' from the 24th to the 26th of November offers an opportunity for deep self-exploration and powerful rituals and ceremonies.  

And for all those of you who would like to explore working with me in private 1:1 sessions, I currently have two spaces open on my client list.

Be well friends.

Ora et labora